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The oldest of the Canary Islands, renowned as the first to emerge from the sea has an expansive length of 210 kilometers. The capital city, Puerto del Rosario, serves as a vibrant hub, complemented by other urban centers such as Corralejo, Gran Tarajal, and Morro Jable, each contributing to the island’s diverse character. Fuerteventura’s landscape is a captivating tableau of ancient volcanoes, dramatic dunes, imposing cliffs, historic windmills, and charming abandoned villages. 

Safety prevails in Fuerteventura, boasting a lack of dangerous wildlife, ensuring a pleasant environment for all visitors. The sparse yet distinctive vegetation, including scrub, lichens, verode, tabaibas, and cardones, enhances the island’s charm. Abundant plant trees and tarajales add to its natural beauty.

Outstanding features

In summary, Gran Canaria's appeal lies not only in its historical and architectural splendor but also in its vibrant social and professional environment. Whether you seek relaxation on its golden shores or wish to explore its innovative sectors and immerse yourself in a young international atmosphere, Gran Canaria promises an unforgettable experience that embraces both work and leisure.


Our mother tongue is Spanish, but we are also used to living with people from different parts of the world and, as a general rule, everyone speaks a bit of English.


Being part of the Spanish territory, our currency is the Euro. The living costs are similar to the rest of Spain and Portugal, and lower than other European countries such as France, Finland, etc.

Time Zone

Due to our geographical location, Gran Canaria has adopted the Greenwich Mean Time or GMT (UTC±00:00)


The Canary Islands are a group of volcanic islands that emerged from the sea 16 million years ago. It is thought that their first inhabitants, mainly known as aboriginals, came from the coast of North Africa a long time ago. Around the 15th century, the islands were conquered by the Spaniards.
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